Important Traits For A Mailroom Table

If your office has a mailroom and a staff member who works in this room, you'll want to set up this space with the right pieces of furniture. There may be several things to add, but an essential piece of furniture is a mailroom table. This is a specialized table that is designed for this job, and you can find many different examples of it when you browse at an office furniture store. As you check out different tables, keep the following useful traits in mind. You'll want to choose a table that offers these three things.

Heavy Weight Capacity

One of the most important traits for your mailroom table to have is a heavy weight capacity. You'll readily find this information when you browse different mailroom tables. This table is designed to hold a significant volume of mail, and even envelopes with documents inside of them can be heavy when there are enough of them. You may find that the weight capacity of mailroom tables can vary a little, and you'll want to choose a product that can handle as much weight as possible.

Proper Shelf Space

Mailroom tables have several interior shelves that are designed to hold mail trays. Mail trays are the specialized bins that mailroom staff use to hold letters and packages. These trays are available in lots of different sizes, so it's useful to measure your office's mail trays before you shop for a mailroom table. You want to ensure that the table has shelves that will accommodate not only the width of your trays, but also their height. Take note of the size of the bins, talk to your mailroom clerk about how many bins they handle, and choose a mailroom table that will provide enough storage space.

Ability To Lock

Many mailroom tables have the ability to lock, and this is another important trait that you'll want to ensure your table has. Mailroom clerks want to be able to lock the mail they're dealing with when they're away from the room. The mail may include numerous checks and personal information that needs to be kept secure. Even if you trust your workplace's employees, you don't want to create a scenario in which it's easy for a staff member to enter the mailroom and remove one or more pieces of mail. A mailroom table that closes and locks will keep this from happening. Visit an office furniture supplier to shop for a mailroom table.   

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