An Ergonomic Seating Plan For Your Office

Sitting in a poorly-constructed chair could cause muscle fatigue and pain. Use an ergonomic seating plan to guide you in shopping for new office furnishings for you and your staff members.

Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic furnishings are designed for efficiency and comfort. Ergonomic chairs contain deep seats. A modern office chair may contain a hydraulic mechanism or a pneumatic lift. A hydraulic system uses compressed oil to move mechanical parts within a furnishing. A pneumatic system uses compressed air or gas to move mechanical parts within a furnishing. Hydraulics and pneumatic technology allow a user to adjust the height of their chair while they are seated. 

Cushioning And Upholstery

A quality ergonomic chair will contain durable cushioning. Plain foam or foam that contains a gel insert will evenly distribute weight. The cushioning may make up the back, seat, and arms of a chair. Natural fabrics that contain a weave pattern are breathable. This type of fabric will keep a user cool when they are seated for long stints.

Leather is a breathable fabric that is commonly used to upholster office furnishings. Leather is flexible and durable. It is more resistant to stains, tears, and punctures than many other types of fabric.

Additional Features

Ergonomic chairs may contain fixed armrests or detachable armrests. Armrests that are wide and cushioned will allow the user to comfortably rest their elbows while they are typing or writing.

Office chairs are often designed to rotate fully. A base plate that contains wheels will allow an office worker to turn their body without needing to stand up.

Caster wheels that contain a rubber surface will glide across hardwood or tiles. If a piece of furniture is going to be placed on the carpet, the size of the caster wheels will matter. Larger wheels will move easier across the carpet than smaller wheels. Wheels that contain grooves will provide the traction needed to move a chair across a carpet that contains a thick pile.


New office chairs should be compatible with the other furnishings within an office. If an ergonomic chair contains a height adjustment feature, a chair can be used when sitting at any type of desk or table that is within an office space.

A chair's design should be complementary to the colors and textures of the furnishings and decorations that are located within an office. Furnishings that contain upholstery that is a neutral tone will work well in an office setting. 

Contact a local furniture store to learn more about office seating.

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