Points To Check When You Shop For A Sleeper Sofa

Few pieces of furniture, if any, can be as valuable for performing two separate roles as a sleeper sofa. This is a piece of furniture that people can sit on throughout the day, and then provide sleeping space for one or two people overnight. If you want to have a new sofa in your living room but also be able to provide space for frequent overnight guests, you'll likely want to browse the sleeper sofas that are available at your local furniture store. There are lots of points that you should think about as you shop to ensure that you buy the right piece of furniture for your home. Here are three areas of focus.


You'll want to note the measurements of several different sleeper sofas when they're opened up for sleeping. These pieces of furniture vary in size considerably. Think about not only who will likely be staying at your home overnight, but what size of sleeping surface they'll likely want. For example, if you have a family member who is of above-average height and you expect that they'll use the sleeper sofa several nights a year, you'll want to ensure that the product you buy has a length that can accommodate this person.

Setup Ease/Speed

Sleeper sofas convert from a sofa to a bed in several different ways. Each setup method has its own advantages. You'll want to choose a piece of furniture that is fairly easy for you to set up and that allows you to make this conversion in a short amount of time. When you browse sleeper sofas online, you can routinely find details about the setup process. If you're shopping in person, don't be afraid of having a salesperson demonstrate the setup process so that you can try it a few times yourself.


While size and setup are important, you also need to choose a sleeper sofa that has a complementary style in the room. If you're going to place this piece of furniture in your living room, there's a good chance that you have other furniture in this area. Keep the appearance of these pieces in mind as you shop, as this will ensure that your new sleeper sofa is a good visual fit. It doesn't have to precisely match your existing furniture, but it should tie in visually. Look for a local furniture store that has a large inventory of sleeper sofas to explore some options.

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