3 Types of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

A lot of people love the look of reclaimed wood, which adds a rustic quality to any home. Some people use reclaimed hardwood flooring in one or more rooms while others mount several planks of reclaimed wood to a wall to create a stylish accent wall. If you like the look of this wood but you don't want it on the floor or on one of your walls, you have another option to consider. Many furniture stores carry reclaimed wood furniture. Having just one of these pieces in your home can add a unique sense of style. Here are three popular types of reclaimed wood furniture. 

Dining Table

If you're looking for a large piece of reclaimed wood furniture that can be a focal point in your home, as well as get lots of use, you may wish to shop for a dining table. This is a popular type of reclaimed wood furniture that you'll find in a lot of stores. These dining tables can appear in a few different shapes, but a rectangle is common. As you and your family sit at the table, you'll enjoy its unique appearance which will be filled with worn areas, dents, and perhaps even some marks from nails that were once in the wood.


Another type of reclaimed wood furniture that you'll often see for sale is a reclaimed wood bench. Benches are highly versatile, as you can use them in many different areas of your home. Some people favor placing a bench at the foot of their bed to hold blankets and provide a study place to sit while getting dressed. If you want this room to have a rustic vibe, the reclaimed style will work well. You can also have a reclaimed wood bench inside the front entrance of your home, creating a rustic look that your guests will notice as soon as they enter.

Coffee Table

If you like the idea of having a small piece of reclaimed wood furniture in your home, one idea to consider is a coffee table. You'll find all sorts of coffee tables made from this type of wood, so you can choose the size, shape, and even height that you favor. A lot of reclaimed wood coffee tables have somewhat of an industrial look. For example, a table may have wrought iron legs with a reclaimed wood top. Visit a furniture store to shop for a piece of furniture that features reclaimed wood.

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