Protecting Your New Persian Rug

If you recently acquired a Persian rug that you want to display in your home or business, you are likely concerned about keeping it in the best condition for as long as possible. There are a few actions to take to accomplish this task.

Minimize The Amount Of Debris That Settles On The Rug

The more people walk on your Persian rug, the more debris you need to remove on a regular basis. Consider hanging your Persian rug on a wall rather than placing it flat on a floor. If you do opt to use it as a floor covering, place it in an area where foot traffic is not excessive, such as underneath a table or in a room that does not get used often. Encourage those who frequent the room where the Persian rug is located to take off their shoes and walk on the rug with socks instead. Use a vacuum cleaner attachment held a bit away from the rug to remove loose debris every few days. This will help to keep dirt from becoming embedded deep within the material of the rug.

Keep The Rug Away From Direct Sunlight

Sunlight tends to cause fading of Persian rugs, especially in areas where coloring is present. To minimize the effects of lighting, keep your rug in a spot where shaded conditions are usually present. Draw the blinds or close the curtains in windows where sunlight projects directly toward your rug. You need to monitor the times of day when sunlight is intense to ensure your rug remains protected during optimal lighting times.

Tend To Potential Stains As Soon As They Happen

If you spill liquid upon your rug, you need to act fast in removing it so it does not cause staining to occur. Always blot liquid rather than rub it into the Persian rug. Use clean pieces of cloth to remove moisture quickly. Spritz a bit of vinegar upon the stained area to increase the possibility of removing discoloring agents.

If you worry about staining and you are unable to remove moisture on your own, contact a rug cleaning service immediately. You need to drive your rug to the service or opt for in-home cleaning by a professional. This service will use high-end products made especially for Persian rugs to protect the material and its coloring while stains are effectively removed. The cleaning service will also remove embedded debris and tend to fringe as desired.

Contact a local Persian rug cleaning service to learn more. 

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