Three Rocking Chairs To Add To Your Patio

Having a patio that is equipped with several different pieces of furniture will give your family and guests a variety of seating options. While a lot of people will enjoy sitting on conventional chairs or even an outdoor sofa, another piece of furniture to consider is a rocking chair. Patio furniture stores often carry a variety of these chairs, which can not only add a cozy look to your outdoor living space but can also provide an appealing place to sit. Many people enjoy gently rocking back and forth, whether they're reading, sipping their morning cup of coffee, or conversing with family. Here are three rocking chairs to consider buying.


You've likely seen and possibly even sat on Adirondack chairs in the past, perhaps at someone's cottage or at a campground near a lake. These wooden chairs are known for their large size and reclined position. While most Adirondack chairs on the market sit stationary, there are some that are designed to rock. These chairs simply have heavy wooden rockers below the legs. If you or a family member enjoys Adirondack chairs but also likes the idea of a rocking chair, this can be the perfect piece of furniture to buy.


You can easily find aluminum rocking chairs at virtually any patio furniture store that you visit. These chairs vary in design but tend to have an aluminum frame, including aluminum rockers, with a fabric seat and back support. This material provides a lot of comfort below and behind your body, which can be ideal for lengthy rocking sessions. This chair is also light in weight, which makes it easy to carry around if you wish to occasionally relocate the chair to another area of your yard.


There are all sorts of types of patio furniture that are made of rattan, including many different chairs. This list includes rattan rocking chairs, which can be a good option for someone who likes the natural and rustic look of this material. If you already have other rattan furniture on your patio, it makes sense to choose a rocking chair of the same material. Lots of rattan furniture is contoured to suit the shape of your body, but you'll find some chairs that come with pads to provide additional comfort. If you're interested in buying a rocking chair in one of these materials or in a different material, visit a store that sells patio furniture.

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