Looking To Purchase Carpet Glass Chair Mats? Factors To Consider Before Selecting A Mat

If you are looking for chair mats for your home office or commercial building, you may be considering glass mats. Carpet glass chair mats are becoming more and more popular as they last longer than plastic mats, are easier to clean, and have a clean, modern look to them. However, not every carpet glass chair mat is the same.

Here are a few of the factors that you should consider before selecting a carpet glass chair mat for your needs. 

The Size of the Glass Mat    

One of the elements that you need to consider when selecting a glass chair mat is the size of the mat. Just like plastic and wood chair mats, glass chair mats come in a variety of sizes. You may need a larger-sized mat if you have an L-shaped desk and want to roll from one end of the desk to the other compared to someone who has a small writing desk. Consider the amount of space you need to cover and then find a mat that has the dimensions closest to what you are looking for. 

How Much Weight the Glass Mat Supports

One of the lesser-known factors that you need to consider when you are selecting a carpet glass chair mat is how much weight the glass mat supports. Tempered glass chair mats tend to support the highest amount of weight. Consider how much you weigh plus how much your chair weighs to ensure you find a mat that supports the weight. This is important to prevent the mat and your chair from sinking into and damaging the carpet or flooring beneath it. 

What Types of Flooring the Mat Can Be Placed On

Not every type of glass chair mat is designed for the same type of flooring. Carpet glass chair mats typically have spikes or nodules to prevent the mat from slipping on the carpet. Chair mats that are designed for use on wood floors may have lips to prevent your chair from rolling off the mat and onto the wood floor. Always consider what type of flooring the mat is going to be placed on and then look for a mat that is designed for that specific type of flooring. 

The Warranty the Carpet Glass Chair Mat Comes With 

Finally, you want to consider the type of warranty the carpet glass chair mat comes with. Glass chair mats are typically more expensive than plastic mats, but they tend to last longer. As such, many glass mats come with warranties, to provide you with peace of mind that your mat will last. Always compare the warranties that different glass chair mat manufacturers offer. 

Taking the time to consider the size of the glass mat, how much weight the glass mat supports, the type of flooring the mat can be placed on and any warranty the carpet glass chair mat comes with is important. Paying attention to each of these factors ultimately will help you select the glass chair mat that is ideal for your needs and perfect for your office space. 

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